Today I was using the newest insider build of Business Central and was meet with an error I had never seen before when downloading symbols. Searching for a solution didn’t surface anything useful:

[2020-02-19 15:52:24.28] Using reference symbols cache path: c:\Projects\MyApp\./.alpackages[2020-02-19 15:52:24.29] Sending request to http://navdaily:7049/BC/dev/packages?publisher=Microsoft&appName=System&versionText="[2020-02-19 15:52:24.29] Sending request to http://navdaily:7049/BC/dev/packages?publisher=Microsoft&appName=System Application&versionText=[2020-02-19 15:52:24.29] Sending request to http://navdaily:7049/BC/dev/packages?publisher=Microsoft&appName=Base Application&versionText=[2020-02-19 15:52:24.31] The request for path /BC/dev/packages?publisher=Microsoft&appName=System%20Application&versionText=  failed with code Forbidden. Reason: You do not have the following permissions on TableData Published Application: IndirectRead. To view details about your permissions, see the Effective Permissions page. To report a problem, refer to the following server session ID: '88'.[2020-02-19 15:52:24.31] The request for path /BC/dev/packages?publisher=Microsoft&appName=System&versionText=  failed with code Forbidden. Reason: You do not have the following permissions on TableData Published Application: IndirectRead. To view details about your permissions, see the Effective Permissions page. To report a problem, refer to the following server session ID: '87'.[2020-02-19 15:52:24.33] The request for path /BC/dev/packages?publisher=Microsoft&appName=Base%20Application&versionText=  failed with code Forbidden. Reason: You do not have the following permissions on TableData Published Application: IndirectRead. To view details about your permissions, see the Effective Permissions page. To report a problem, refer to the following server session ID: '89'.[2020-02-19 15:52:24.33] Could not download reference symbols. Please ensure that:1. The correct server name and instance are specified in the launch.json file.2. The correct application version is specified in the app.json file.3. The dependencies are correctly specified in the app.json file. 

The Docker container worked perfectly, apart from not being able to download symbols, strange.

You do not have the following permissions on TableData Published Application: IndirectRead.

After poking around in older versions, the table Published Application was nowhere to be found. So I added a fresh v15(*) license file from PartnerSource. That solved the issue.

(*) v16 licenses are not yet available from PartnerSource.

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