NAV2018 – The tenant ‘default’ is not accessible

Something weird happened on my local dev machine. I have a standard installation of NAV2018 installed, currently upgraded to CU2. Suddenly I’m swamped with messages about the default tenant is not accessible.

In C/Side:

In the Modern Development Environment:

The strange this is that if I restart the service tier I can download symbols once, but if I try to download them twice, I’ll get the above error the second time?

From the RTC:

Then I tried to use the PowerShell Sync-NAVTenant command:

And boom, this because I had deleted a table without syncing the database (I was working on an uplifting concept).

The solution:

Use the PowerShell Sync-NAVTenant command to fix the missing sync.

And now the database is back to normal 🙂

Lots of new goodies hidden inside NAV2018

I needed to hash some passwords in NAV. I turned to my blog (via a trip to Google) and found my old article on the subject, great!

That was a good solution for NAV2016 and NAV2017, but with the War-On-DotNet, I didn’t want to add more DotNet usage to NAV2018. So I remembered the Cal-Open-Library where codeunit 1266  has received a lot of attention from different people, and I was right, codeunit 1266 has the same functionality already available:

Line 117 is the NAV2018 version and the rest is the pre-NAV2018 solution 🙂

So remember to go explore the NAV2018 source, lots of useful functionality has been added.