BCCL is a command-line interface for getting data in and out of Business Central. All tables are available, including data from apps and customizations. The client is cross-platform and works on Windows, macOS and Linux against Business Central versions 14-17 on-premises and in the cloud.


Typically BCCL will be used for data migration during implementation, go-live, ad-hoc integration, or automation after go-live.

Many industry-standard file formats are supported, from classics like CSV and Excel to XML and JSON.

BCCL is designed to work with “any” file without the need for manipulating the source file. A field mapping method makes it easy to automate data integrations.

Excellent performance is at the core of BCCL. Imports and exports are fast and stay fast independently of data size.

We recognize that not all users are comfortable using the command-line and BCCL has a Request Builder tool that can generate a ready-to-run script.

BCCL understands the inner workings of Business Central, and all table and field validation rules can be triggered. It can correctly handle dimension sets and ensure that related tables are updated with stub records to avoid imports failing with data integrity issues.

Additional tasks, such as posting transactions, are also available through BCCL. Keeping with the spirit of Business Central, developers can extend BCCL with new capabilities and customize the inner working through extensions.

BCCL commercial licenses are available for end-users and partners. A free educational version, not for use on production data, is also available.

More information at www.hougaard.com/bccl

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