Error compiling dynamic control expression

Dynamic expressions in NAV2015 is a great way to automate user interfaces behavior. In the example below we wants to control the Editable status of a field.

The special part is, that if you start using boolean operators like OR AND NOT – You might hit an error message like this:


Funny enough, it is actually a case sensitivity bug in NAV. Change the lowercase and into AND and everything works as excepted.

So even if C/AL is not case sensitive, the dynamic expressions are 🙂

So my NAV 2015 help server does not return anything when searching

If your NAV 2015 Help Server just replies:

No Results Found For: customer

No matter what you search for, it because the help server uses the indexing service on your server and you have not added the “help” folder to indexing.


So if your Indexing Options dialog look like this (opened from the Control Panel) you need to add the “Help” folder (found in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\DynamicsNAV80Help\ ) to indexing, like this:


Don’t be alarmed if it takes 10-15 minutes before the search returns results, it just need to index all the files…

All of the Microsoft pages dedicated to the Help Server fails to tell that the Indexing service is used and required:

The NAV Installer will perform this task for you, but if you copy the help folder manually or perform other maintenance tasks your indexing settings might not follow.