Improvements in the NAV2015 Development Environment – Part 3

As a bi-product of the new report scheduler, it is now possible to get the parameters from  the request form with the return value from RUNREQUESTPAGE function. Its possible to call EXECUTE (Processing only reports) and PRINT with parameters. So we do not have to create crazy constructs to handle parameter to automated reports.


Another new great feature in NAV2015 reporting, is the SAVEAS function that can return the report as XML data. (And save to streams also)


Improvements in the NAV2015 Development Environment – Part 1

Microsoft has made changes in the development environment for NAV2015, but they are small and easy to overlook. But nice additions to a development client that has existed for more than 19 years. (FINSQL.EXE)

So here goes, sit back and enjoy the couple of minutes 🙂


Properties that you have changed will now be shown in black, a small improvement compared to the “Value without <>” way it was shown before.


It is now possible to comment or un-comment a selection of lines of code. A natural extension of the indent functionality.

Another fun little feature, is that if you create a RECORD variable (local or global) and don’t specify the name, NAV will now create a nice camel cased name.


Select Record and type the table name or number, and then press enter or arrow name.


Then NAV creates “SalesLine” as the variable name, nice 🙂