Protection NAV 2013 Codeunits or Odata behind a IIS Proxy page

As part of my “Get On The App Wagon” talk at Directions EMEA 2013, I talked about hiding a NAV 2013 Application Tier Server behind a Internet Information Server.

The design is a simple Proxy that get requests from the internet, and sends them to a NAV2013 behind the IIS.

Download the ASP.NET pages here NAV Proxy – Right now the NAV URL is just hard coded inside the pages, so remember to change the URLs to match your NAV installation.

Easy way to add adblock to IE 11 (Incl. Windows RT Version)

One thing that always bothered me, is the lack of a good adblock in IE – And since I’m actually quite fond of my Surface (RT) I’m stuck with IE as a browser, at least until Firefox comes out later this year.

By accident, I discovered that the Easy List adblock is available as a “Tracking Protection List” from  IEGallery – So now I can browse on the Surface with ads 🙂