The web services series continues, in this episode, I handle the XML parsing of the return and reshape the app to be functional.

If you missed episode 1 and 2, you can find them here!

Web services in AL

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  1. Hi Eric,

    You mentioned @ about 10:30 in video, processing larger XML files would require different solution, and ask if we’d like to see a video? That would be great. What would you think is the point when you would move from what you presented in this video to be considered a larger XML? Is it the number of files? fields? or a combination? Just wondering what and when to choose which option. (Great videos as usual!)


    1. It’s really a matter of acceptable time consumed. If xpath navigation takes longer than acceptable, you’ll have to switch methods. You have two options:

      1. Use an XMLPort – They are really effective, as long as your XML structure can be defined in a XMLport
      2. Create a “parser” on the XmlDocument, walk the XmLNodeLists and read the fields. This is on my video todo-list.

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