Simple Object Designer

User Guide

Data Table Template

A data table is a standalone table with a single field primary key and additional fields. A data table can have both a list and a card page or just an editable list or card page.

Data Related Table Template

A data-related table is a table that is linked to an anchor table. Users can navigate from the anchor table to the data-related table. A data-related feature can have both a list and a card page, or just an editable list page. A related table can also have a fact box on the anchor table’s pages.

Document Table Template

A document table feature has a header and lines tables. There is also an option for a “posted” version of the document with a “post” action.

Role Center Template

A role center is the first page any Business Central user see when they log on to the system. On a role center you can add links and data to give each user exactly what they need to see.