Simple Object Designer

Create fields

Creating a field is as simple as adding a line to the Create Fields list.

First, you specify in what Table No. you want the new field. Then give it a Field Name and select a Type.

Special rules for certain types:

  • Code and Text must have a Size specified
  • Enum must have an Enum Type selected (click Field Settings to see Enum Type)
  • Option must have Option Members specified (click Field Settings to see Option Members)
    • Option Members are separated with commas, use ” ” around options with spaces.
  • Blob is always defaulting to be images
  • Lookup is a field that has a lookup to another table (click Field Settings to see the lookup columns)
  • FlowField is a field that calculates a value on the fly, there are different types of flowfields:
    • Sum – Sums a set of records
    • Lookup – Fields a specific value
    • Count – Counts a set of records
    • Exist – Check if a record exists
    • Min/Max/Average Calculated from a set of records 

Click Placed on pages to place the new field on pages: (This will take a few seconds the first time you click on it)

You will see a list of ALL pages in your Business Central where the field can be placed. To place a field on a page, select an Anchor element and define the relation between the anchor and the new field in the Where column.

It is also possible to place a field as Read-only or even Hidden. The hidden flag does not apply when a page is exposed as a web service. So you have the option of using Hidden to add the field to a web service without showing it to your users.

Click Paged on reports to place the new field on reports.