The Simple Object Designer is a tool designed for non-developers to easily customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central without having to write a single line of code. The Simple Object Designer is not limited to a few tables but enables you to customize all areas of Business Central, including other apps and even other customizations.

The App is available in AppSource and works on Business Central in the cloud. The demo version can add a single field for free. A license key for the full version can be purchased here.


Create fields on any table

Are you missing a field anywhere in Business Central? Just select the table, fill in the name of the new field, select a type and you’re done.

Place new fields on any page

After you have created a new field, select where you want your users to see and use the field. You’ll get a list of all possible places where the field can be shown.

Surface existing fields on any page

In several cases, the field you’re looking for may already exist in Business Central, it’s just hidden with no way to display it. With the Simple Object Designer, you can surface those fields and place them on any page.

Place fields on any report

After adding fields, you might also want to print them. The Simple Object Designer enables you to add both your new fields and existing fields to a report’s data-set. Then you can use either Word or Report Builder (depending on the type of report) to add the fields to the layout.

Connect fields between tables

You can activate a Field Transfer if the same is added to multiple tables. Example: If a field is added to both the customer and the sales order, then you can activate a field transfer to have the field on the sales order be filled out with the value from the customer you select.

Expose data as web service APIs

Microsoft is telling everybody to stop exposing pages as web services and instead use APIs. But there’s no easy way to expose data as API without writing code. The Simple Object Designer enables you to expose data as true APIs and get all the benefits of an API without writing any code.

How is that actually working?

The Simple Object Designer has an app generator and compiler built-in and outputs a new extension. The new extension can be installed automatically or downloaded and installed on another environment. (You can create your new fields in a sandbox and afterwards move them to production, or you can work directly in production).

More Resources

User Guide – How to use the app.

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Support – If you have issues with the Object Designer, ask your questions here.