Developing for the Dynamics NAV Phone client..

Not every Microsoft Dynamics NAV page works with the new phone client. If you suddenly get a message saying “This task is not possible on your current device. Instead, use a tablet or a desktop computer to complete this task. (ID: xxxxxx)” xxxxxx is the object number of the offending page.

Then you are using a page of type worksheet you will get this error.


How to create a cool LEGO remote controlled car.

In our house we love to play with remote controlled cars. But RC cars in the kid-budget area tend to break after a few hours of use.

Not long ago we shopped a bit a and we got some of the “motor” pieces that normally only come with some of the largest Lego Technic sets.

And very quicky, a remote controlled car in Lego Technic was put together, and it actually gave the same play ability as a normal remote controlled car, plus the entire Lego universe. And it seems unbreakable – If something “breaks” – we put it back together again, or perhaps a new car is suddenly a reality.

The center piece is the “88004 Servo motor”, a motor that gives a 180 degrees turn and can be controlled with any of the IR remotes from Lego. We had the IR Receiver (8884) from a Lego train system and we got the 8885 remote controller.

A motor and a battery box is of cause needed, the standard 8293 motor set will do fine, however, if you want more power, the new L-motor or XL-motors are great for speed and power. We use the L and XL motors that reason.

Watch this small video for a demo of the car:

Here are links to the three pieces needed – Total investment if you already have a motor set is $50 – Not bad for unlimited supply of different remote controlled cars.

Servo engine:

IR Receiver:

Remote Control:

Creating user documentation and help for Dynamics NAV

Here are the slides from my NAVUG talk on doing documentation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions.

COM08 An elegant solution for creating Dynamics NAV user documentation

The open sourced code can be found at:

A precompiled package of the tools can be downloaded from here:


I suggestion reading through the old posts on this to understand whats going on at